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  • The Unofficial Atlassian Community.

    Atlassian's products are fantastic, but they are also complex and sometimes you need a little help. No matter if you are a seasoned pro, or just starting out, Atlasstic is here to help! You can ask anything in the forums, follow the latest news from Atlassian or dig through our videos and playbooks at your own pace. You can start blogging, explore interesting events, show off your Atlassian skills or just enjoy a community where helping others is front and center in everything.

  • jimi-face.png.bbf58c50170b40af0b35b3521aadfa66.pngA professional community that cares

    As a community builder with many years experience and a passionate Atlassian expert, I really wanted to make an Atlassian community that goes beyond answering questions and short articles. I wanted to create a community where you could find the best resources, the most helpful guides and videos, where you could feel at home, regardless of your skill level or experience.

    I also wanted a way to focus information, as the world of Atlassian is quite large and information is not always easy to find. Furthermore, I wanted to create a focused way to discuss and to find information that is related to whatever I am currently browsing. This is where the idea of Playbooks came in, where we can present complete sets of guides for a single product or add-on. The guides then is enriched by connecting videos, articles and more directly to the guide and then to add the ability to discuss the guide to get even more value from it.

    I wanted to promote people that are willing to give to others so they can learn and here I will do that through the Awards database, a profile database to really let people show themselves and through titles and more. I want to lift experts and professionals up to make them inspire others to grow and share their own knowledge to others. Not only that, but I want to make it feel worth people's time and effort to be generous with their experience to those that have less experience, or maybe just are starting out.

    Who do we build for?

    This site is built for a few focused groups that we call The Product User, The Product Admin, The App Developer and The Company Representative.


    The Product User represent people that just started out to learn about Atlassian and the Atlassian products. This group also represent users that work in the Atlassian tools on a daily basis and people with direct administration responsibilities, but not system administration responsibilities. This can be Jira Project Admins or Confluence Space admins, for example. For this group, we provide guides and instruction on how to make the most of the Atlassian products, as well as guides and instructions on how to configure different things.  We also try to inspire with tips and tricks on how to use the products creatively.

    The Product Admin is for people that are System administrators or platform owners of one or more Atlassian systems. For this group, we provide guides and inspiration on how to best set up and maintain Atlassian products. Everything from direct technical guides to security guides and how you connect Atlassian products to ways of working is focused on this group.

    The App Developer is for people, and companies, that develop and sell apps for the different Atlassian products. For this group, we provide ways to promote themselves and ways to present their applications. We also provide discussion areas and news on the development situation for the various Atlassian products.

    The Company Representative is for companies and consultants that work with the Atlassian products in a commercial capacity. For this group, we provide ways to promote themselves and ways to present their services.

    The Atlasstic Vision

    The word Atlasstic is a play on words, where I combined Atlassian with the word Fantastic, because Atlassian is Fantastic to me. This is also how I see this site evolve in the future. In order to make this site Fantastic, it needs to continuously build upon the need of the users. It needs to build upon the foundation of the core personas so that each group feel that they can find value here.

    One way I am trying to ensure that is to build a group of advisors, referred to as The Founding Council. These are individuals and companies that represent each of the core five user groups. With the help of this group, and the continued suggestions of the community I will build the content, or support to make the content, that they want to see.

    I have many ideas on where I want to take Atlasstic, but in the end it all depends on what the community want me to build.

    It will be interesting to see what that might be, and I hope you will be a part of that journey.



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