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About this blog

A blog related to the Atlassian design system called The Flexible Atlassian System where you can find news and updates. The Flexible Atlassian Setup is a custom setup using Atlassian products to create a tool set that allow for workflows across the organization instead of focusing just on the teams. The Flexible Atlassian Setup is based on the methodology of Prism that is a practical methodology that has its root in reality as opposed to most other theoretical methodologies. The Flexible Atlassian System builds on that methodology to create a foundation that works just as well in waterfall as it does in Agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban.

Entries in this blog

The Flexible Atlassian Setup is coming to Atlasstic.com!

The Flexible Atlassian Setup is coming to atlasstic.com as a separate section, where I will create the information about the setup. This will of course take a while since I am building the rest of the Atlasstic website as well, but I will put some extra focus on this effort. The information will be both in terms of theory and of course the practical guides on the setup itself. The Flexible Atlassian Setup is a set of setups and best practices in Jira software cloud and Confluence as base, w

Jimi Wikman

Jimi Wikman in News

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