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About this blog

A blog focused on the many, many ways of working and how they affect how we interact with the Atlassian tools.

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Story points and why you should not use them

Story points are common in teams that follow Agile frameworks and especially so in teams where chaos is the preferred way of working, or where the team enjoy ideation more than development. As a concept, story points are flawed from the beginning and it has no value above traditional time - based estimations. In short story points are useless as indicators of time and, as such, pointless as measurements to support planning, which is the sole purpose of making estimates in the first place. W

Jimi Wikman

Jimi Wikman in Agility

Task-Force Driven Development

On Twitter I have engaged in a rather long set of discussions regarding mob programming and during one of those discussions Steve Bishop talked about Task-Force Driven Development as a concept. This is kind of how I am used to working as well, even if we do it slightly differently than what Steve describes. So I thought I should try to explain how I am used to working and how I think we should work in certain situations. So this is the tweet from Steve in response to a tweet posted by

Jimi Wikman

Jimi Wikman in Concepts

The Agile argument and the management gap

One of the big problems that exist for people that are focusing solely on the Agile ways of working is that there is a blind spot to anything outside the team level. In any organization that is not built in silos based on teams this will be painful, or even unworkable. Sadly this is also a problem in how Atlassian are looking at their products, which is why there is a gap today in the official tools from Atlassian. I will let Slava Adrejev represent this team focused group since he was kind

Jimi Wikman

Jimi Wikman in Agility

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