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Atlassian Align honey trap

Jimi Wikman



When it comes to Jira Align, there are a ton of things to write about, as it is a black hole and it seems to break every value Atlassian stands for. One area stands out however and that is the honey trap website that lock content behind a submit form. A submit form that ask you to provide contact information to access some Jira Align videos. These videos are available on YouTube and even the videos tab of Atlassian Community!



This website is what you will find many people link to when people ask for how to get a demo of Jira Align.  The page have nothing of value, and the only way to access the so-called Demo Center is to fill out your contact information. This is what is known as a honey trap. A page designed for the sole purpose of gathering contact information for sales and marketing purposes.

If you fill this form in, then all you will get is a list of videos of Jira Align. The worst part is that these videos are all available on YouTube as well as on the videos tab of the Atlassian Align section of the Atlassian Community. So providing information on this page will give you nothing of value.



This is not consistent with the Atlassian values and I think this website should be taken down. Whoever decided that creating honey traps to #@!% the customer, should read up on the Atlassian values because this page is a stinker!

Do you agree or disagree? Write a comment and let us know.



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