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Defining tonality and breaking out from the standard design

Jimi Wikman



The first creative addition has been added to the website, and with it comes a few decision to be made. As the creative direction now moved towards a more open and light design, it clashes a bit with the blocky standard design of Invision Community. This means it is time to decide how to proceed with the tonality of this site and when in time a possible redirection should be make.

Up until now, the design of Atlasstic has been borrowing much of the design elements from JWSE. As the design work progresses, however, this is starting to clash a bit with the more open design that has been evolving. So I need to decide if I should proceed in the direction I have started, or if I should revert to the block based design that is standard with Invision Community.

I started to feel the new directing emerge when I started with the feature blocks component that is currently live on the start page. It is a good feeling to feel creative again, but redesigning the standard is a bit of an undertaking and it will take time to get right. So it is more of a question of where I want to start: create value, or make the site looks the way I want...


On one side, I am really loving the creative aspect and especially trying new things for Invision Community. On the other, I am itching to start adding value so I can start promoting the site and get the community building going. So right now I have to decide what I want to focus on first and why.

So, I have some thinking to do over the weekend, but what do you think?

Should I focus on the design first, or adding content?

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