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Jimi Wikman



If you are going to make a community revolving the Atlassian products, then of course you will have to use the products as well. So today I have set up a suite of them that I will use for the website. I will configure them more later when I have more time after I have built the website, but for now they are registered and setup at least.

For support issues, I am using Jira Service Management to collect information from users. I also connect Confluence for this to act as a knowledge base. I have connected JSM to Slack in a dedicated channel, so I can get notified and can reply on the fly if I want to.

I have Jira Product Discovery as the main tool for collecting good ideas, and I have decided to use Jira Work Management as the task management tool in order to test it out in more detail.

I have added Statuspage for status updates should anything happen. I need to add a proper header image, but it will be enough for now.

I don't think I need anything more than this for this website, but we will see what the future brings.

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