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Making progress on design, now to plan databases...

Jimi Wikman



With the design making progress, it is time to start planning the databases. There are six databases, but I think Videos and Articles are good enough for now, so I will focus on People, Companies and Products. The Playbooks will be a huge undertaking, but unlike the other three databases, I don't think the templating will be very extensive.


This will be a database of Atlassian profiles, where the aim is to allow people to show off their Atlassian skills and hopefully land then jobs and assignments from that. One of the key features will of course be to present skills and certifications, but also presentation and links to social media. Content on the website, like articles and videos, should also be presented automatically, or curated. Contact information and where in the world the person is from will be added. I am considering adding personality types, as I have it on my personal site, but we'll see. I want to add the ability to make some customization of the profile, and I will see what kind that could be.


This will be a database for companies that either provide services, or sell products related to Atlassian. Besides company information, there should also be a list of employees from the People section and a list of services and products. Contact information should be there, as well as reviews and if there are registered members from that company on the site. There will be a country field as well that will show what country the company is from.


Products will list all the official Atlassian products and services of course, but also the many add-ons. Each product/service will be connected to a company as well as to articles and videos. I think I will add a list of experts from the people database and a button to a forum if one ha been created for it. For add-ons, there will be a link to the marketplace and registered members that are supporting in an official capacity. Naturally, this will have a review functionality as well. Products that we have Playbooks for will have that promoted big, and we will also have images of the products along a presentation video.


Adding things to the database

Once the databases are ready, I can start using them to bring in more people. I think the easiest way is to go through the Products database and contact the different add-on companies and ask if we can add their products to the database. This should lead to signups, especially with the Videos and Articles features, if the Forums themselves are not enough.


While there are no plans right now to add a huge number of Playbooks, it is not impossible that we could add custom playbooks for add-ons on demand. I plan to make Playbooks for Jira Software cloud, Confluence Cloud, Jira Service Management, Jira Product Discovery and perhaps Jira Work Management. I will talk to QMetry and BigPicture after that and see how they feel about me making that commitment to their products.

So things are progressing, and I will keep working on this to see where it will lead me.

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