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Let's talk about Playbooks

Jimi Wikman



One of the key features on Atlasstic.com are the Playbooks. The idea behind these are to make sort of digital guidebooks for everything you can imagine doing in the Atlassian products, and the Atlassian apps eventually. Not only will this require quite a lot of work putting the guides together, but it also means I need to design the templates accordingly to provide a scalable structure that is also reusable.

The concept of the playbooks is quite simple and you don't really need a lot of fancy stuff to make it work. What I do need is the ability to have anything from a few dozen articles to hundreds, if not thousands. For this, I need to have a pretty good way to manage structure and to some degree manage SEO without making navigation a nightmare.

I am looking at some of the already existing templates for Invision Community Pages for inspiration, and I have a few things in mind for a first version at least. It is likely I will try out a few things first before I commit, especially since I need to consider how to make this into a long term viable option as the Atlassian products keep evolving and it will be a bit of work to keep these things up to date.

As I also want to make this both text and video based, meaning that every article should have a text guide and a video guide, I need ways to allow for one of the two while still making sure the users can request the missing piece to remind me of it. I am considering the use of reviews in this section as an addition to the commentary feature. I want to be able to point to official documentation on Atlassian's website, as well as link to know feature and issues that might relate to the guides. I also want to connect additional videos from the videos section.

So I am playing around with the concepts in my mind for now and trying out different ideas conceptually before I build it.

It is a process, but it is moving forward, even if it is a bit slow for now.

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