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The Flexible Atlassian Setup is coming to Atlasstic.com!

Jimi Wikman



The Flexible Atlassian Setup is coming to atlasstic.com as a separate section, where I will create the information about the setup. This will of course take a while since I am building the rest of the Atlasstic website as well, but I will put some extra focus on this effort. The information will be both in terms of theory and of course the practical guides on the setup itself.

The Flexible Atlassian Setup is a set of setups and best practices in Jira software cloud and Confluence as base, with the option to extend the capabilities using additional Atlassian products such as Jira Product Discovery, Jira Service Management and Bitbucket. This will be presented in both text and in video format. I probably will also produce a series of PDF's and graphics for different purposes that can be downloaded.

The first step is to create the landing page for this, and I need to sit down and do some graphics for this as it is a bit different graphically from Atlasstic. I already have added a discussion area for The Flexible Atlassian Setup, and I will set up a mailing list for this shortly.

This was just a short notice that I am working on this, and it will be added to Atlasstic.com as soon as possible.

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