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Upgrading my Atlassian products for public access.

Jimi Wikman



After considering my options for a while, I decided to take the leap and upgrade my Atlassian licenses. I now have a Confluence standard license and a Jira Software premium license. It is not cheap, even with a single user, but I think it will be worth it in the long run. I am still investigating my options when it comes to the other products.

One of the big reasons for upgrading for me is the ability to make certain aspects public. I find this to be important, especially if I am going to use the products for real. Confluence is a product that is very nice to use in a public setting. Not just for the portal of Jira Service Mangement to present knowledgebase items, but also as a documentation tool. I am setting up a space for The Flexible Atlassian Setup for example as a preparation for the release.


When it comes to Jira Software, I could just get the standard license in order to make Jira projects public, but since I plan on having a whole series about Advanced Roadmaps I decided to upgrade to the Premium license. This cost twice as much, but I think it will be worth it, as I want to stay updated on the latest changes to Advanced Roadmaps.


For Jira Service Management I would like to get Premium so I can get access to Insight, but at a $47 a month that is a bit much until I really have the time to get busy with that. So for now I will stay with the free license, since the standard license did not really contain anything I felt was worth the extra $21 a month. I also decided to split the departments into multiple JSM projects. I did this more so I can focus, but also scale in the future if I will add more help to manage support in the future.


For Jira Work Management and Jira Product Discovery, I am keeping the free license for now.  Jira Work Management still feel too light for having any actual use for me at the moment, and standard version have nothing I feel I need that would be worth the $5 upgrade cost. Jira product Discovery is still in Beta, so there is no license upgrade yet.


I will need some time to set everything up, but once I have everything setup I will start looking at the apps I want to add to my setup. Most will not be for actual work here on the site and more for demonstration purposes and to keep myself updated. I already know that I will add QMetry and BigPicture since those are two very common apps for my clients. The good thing is that most of these apps are free for up to 10 users, so there will not be any big costs added for that.


In total, for Confluence and Jira Software, I am now paying $21 each month. That is $15.25 for Jira Software Premium and $5.75 for Confluence Standard.

While I see the point of setting up 3 accounts as Rodney (the Jira Guy) is doing in the setup he describes in his latest blog post, I really can't motivate tripling the cost. Maybe when I see some progress on the monetization front, or if I get some sponsors to help share the cost, I could consider something like that. I think I would still go with upgrading Jira Service Management to get Insight a higher priority, though.


So that is my current Atlassian License setup.

For now.

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