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Creating new templates from scratch is slower, but more satisfying

Jimi Wikman



As I already have the basic templates I want for Atlasstic, I am not going to use them. The reason for that is that the old templates are built in a more exploratory way with a lot of custom CSS. I want to build this again now using standard CSS classes, which is both a challenge and a bit frustrating. The end result will be worth it though, I think.

Invision Community is great in many ways, but it also has a few things that are really, really frustrating. One of those is that they don't really have a documentation of their CSS. There are some documentation, but it is far from extensive and often leave questions that you have to ask the community to answer.

Fortunately I have been doing this for a while, so it is not so bad for me, but using the standard classes as much as possible is still quite a bit slower than writing CSS yourself. That being said though I think the end result will be very satisfying since it will reduce the custom CSS by quite a bit.

I am focusing on the Videos section first and I will have a first set of templates up soon. I am playing around with tabs to see if I like it or not and I already have a decent Featured articles template created and the beginning of the category listing done. That leaves the entry template and the form template, which should go pretty quickly.

Once I have the first set of templates done I will be able to adjust it for the other databases and see where I want to make adjustments.


I really enjoy building again!

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