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Selecting apps for Atlasstic base setup

Jimi Wikman



Today I have started to add the apps I will use for Atlasstic.com. This is the base setup of apps that I will make videos on later and I have selected apps that I have used before, but also some new ones I have not tried as much yet. Each of the apps will get a series of videos where I will focus on how they fit into the Prisma Methodology.

QMetry for Jira

My first choice for testing apps is QMetry and I have done many sessions on how to best use QMetry in both Server/DC and Cloud setups. The plan is to make videos for team based setups, but also how to build for E2E tests across systems.

BigPicture for Jira

While I will spend quite some time making videos for Advanced Roadmaps, I will also add some videos on how to set up resource management using a portfolio setup in Jira Software together with BigPicture as opposed to just use team based tasks.

User Story Mapping for Jira

This is becoming more and more popular in organizations that work with customer journeys and business processes, so I am adding this to the setup as well. One thing that is going to be interesting is how user story mapping will work with Jira Product Discovery, but I will play around with this to explore the setup with requirements in Confluence.

ScriptRunner for Jira

Never played much with scriptrunner, so this is more for me to dig a little deeper into this very useful app. Not sure if I will make any videos on this at this time, but I probably will if anyone want to see it.

Gliffy for Confluence

No Confluence space is complete without a diagram app, and I choose Gliffy since I have been using Draw.io for a while, and it is nice to catch p a bit on old favorites. I will make some videos on Gliffy and I will probably make some articles on it as well.

Macrosuite for Confluence

This is a new app for me and I like it quite a bit so far. It is a set of macros that allow you to add some nice new features to Confluence. I will test this out for a while, but I think I will be making some videos on this app as well. Here is an example on what you can do very quickly.




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