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Inviting Companies to help define the Companies and Products databases

Jimi Wikman



Next week, I will reach out to some companies and invite them to collaborate on making the Companies and Products databases the best they can be. This invitation will be to a specific group here on the website, where we will discuss together what we should build to provide the best possible worth for the companies.

While I of course can build the databases on my own, I will most likely miss specific needs that the companies have to make the most of the databases. I am looking a lot at the Atlassian Marketplace to see what already exists, since whatever I build must add more value than that.

While I think that connecting things like videos, articles and other types of content to each product and company, I can cross promote over multiple databases and that will be valuable. That is not enough however and I need to understand the need of both small and big companies to see how I can make adding their company and product to Atlasstic something worth their while.

So next week I will reach out to some companies and invite them to start having this conversation. The companies that accept will not only get a say in the way Atlasstic will evolve, they will also get perks like a special title, their own sections on the site and a few other things that I hope they will feel are valuable. They will also be invited as advisors on future development and access to roadmaps and plans on what we will build here in the future.

The companies I will invite are both large and well known companies and small local companies. I will focus on some of the more well known apps and consultant firms and then I want to add some smaller companies with less known apps and consultant businesses. This so I can cater to the need of both groups. I also will try to add companies from different parts of the world so I get a wider cultural spread as well.

If you want to be a part of this group of specially invited people, then please let me know and I will discuss it with you.



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