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Taking a small break to refocus

Jimi Wikman



Things have been a bit slow here for a while, and that is because I am in the middle of a rather big change in my life. This change is a positive one, but it is consuming a lot of energy at the moment to get all things in place. So I am taking a small break to refocus while these changes take place. I am not at full stop, just more in a planning mode right now to make sure I hit 2023 running.

This weekend, I made a decision that is a bit scary since it will end an almost 17-year-long reality. It is something that I am very excited about, but I will tell you more about this next year, I promise. This decision is going to mean several changes in my life, and as such I am slowing down things a bit in regard to building this community. I am slowing down, so I can prepare for a hopefully very interesting and rewarding 2023.

As always, when I slow down, I tend to spend more time thinking and planning. This is no exception and while you don't see a lot of new content here yet, I am setting up plans for a pretty massive plan for content in 2023. I have started to invite people to have a conversation regarding the Companies and Products database, and I will expand that a bit more soon, so I get a decent group of advisors going. I will spend some time working on the newsletters in December as well.

I am also planning video and article content using StoryMaps and Jira Software, which actually feels amazing. While the output is the same in form of tasks, I get a much better feeling for the structure of videos and articles this way. I am working with a two level structure right now, and I might try out a three level structure later on to see if that make things a bit easier to follow.

I am also setting up Teams and I will invite people to different areas soon. While people will only be able to join as guests, I think it can still work as a chat platform and a direct communication tool going forward. I am also using Microsoft 365 for Jira to connect Jira, Teams and Outlook, and I am pondering on if I should create separate social media accounts, or use my own.

What I am saying here is that while things might seem slow, I am working hard behind the scenes. I am just refocusing a bit and put most of my time and energy into the changes that are taking place in my life right now.



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