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Dark Mode for Atlasstic is here

Jimi Wikman



Last night I added a little toggle feature to switch to Dark Mode on Atlasstic.com. It is not perfect, but it works on desktop so far and I am working on the Mobile adaptation and adjusting the styles. So now you can browse your favorite videos and read the latest articles in darkness 😉

Adding dark mode is something I have considered for a while, but last night when I was working on the PlayBooks it was so bright, so I decided to take the time to add it. Fortunately it is not very hard to do and I already had it done on my personal site, so it just needed a bit of tweaking to get it in place.

As you can imagine I did not spend the time it needs last night, so it will still need more work to be perfect. Right now it does not work on mobile, so I will fix that as soon as I can. I think I might need to rework the JS a bit so it responds to fingers 😱

Until then, enjoy Darkmode in desktop!





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