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Building a support portal and setting up the news

Jimi Wikman



I have been a bit silent due to work as the new Atlassian Platform Owner at Sinch, which is very rewarding yet time-consuming initially. I have also learned quite a bit about JSM and especially how to take advantage of the apps Refined and ProForma (Forms in Cloud). These learnings I will now take advantage of as I dive into the phase of setting up support for Atlasstic and JWSE as two separate portals sharing the same JSM project. I am also going to set up the News section so it becomes a little more like I want it to be.

Creating multiple support portals from one JSM project

One thing that always bugged me is that JSM only have one portal. Thanks to Refined however this is no longer a problem and I have been playing around with it for a few weeks for my Jira instance. I am now ready to start building for real and I will do a dual portal setup with one portal for Atlasstic and one for my personal site jimiwikman.se.

I will take advantage of not just the capabilities in Refined, but also the new functionality released to JSM such as the topics feature that was just released to all pricing plans. The goal is to have one JSM project that will service both support portals so I have one unified support in the backend for easy management.

I will probably write some guides for this and also make some videos on it as I progress.

The News Section

While the news section already exist I want to remake it a bit to make it easier to get a good overview of the content. Right now it is more in a blog format and I want to make it more a list view so you can see many news in one glance.

I also need to set up the automation with Feedly so I can faster add news from my newsfeeds.

This weekend I will be focusing on Diablo 4 and getting back to the gym (weird combo I know), but I will start building these things very soon, and more 🙂

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