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I have been busy, but I have not forgotten about Atlasstic

Jimi Wikman



To say that I have been busy is a bit of an understatement. As the Atlassian Platform Owner at Sinch my calendar is filled to the brim with meetings while also setting up processes and building amazing new things. It is amazing and I love it wholeheartedly, but it also takes up a little too much time as I work all hours of the day and more often than not on weekends as well. Not because I have to, but because I want to.

That being said though, I have not forgotten about Atlasstic or the YouTube Channel. In fact, I feel more motivated than ever to continue working on this site and I just need a weekend or two to get into coding mode. I am playing around a bit right now with my Atlassian setup working with Refined to create the new multi portal setup, which is going well I think.

I have been wanting to redo the news section for a while so I will focus on that next. The current design is not working for me and I want a more list like design that kind of act like a link more than a blog post. This will work better when connecting it to different databases as well.

Next I want to focus on the Users database where I want to create profiles of Atlassian Experts and Atlassian users. I will also put some love into the Awards section and see if I can get some help adding the various official Atlassian awards and certifications.

I will also start working on the Articles section to get the forms setup properly. Right now it feels clunky as the field is just listed without any design to them.


So, just a heads-up that I am still alive and kicking and that this site is very much alive even if it has been a bit silent for a while 🙂



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