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Databases are in place (sort of), so now I have to work on structure

Jimi Wikman



The databases are pretty much in place, even if I will be working on the templates for quite some time to fine tune and add more features. This means that I need to start working on structure and set an information architecture, so the content makes sense as a whole.

This might seem simple enough, but as with all architecture, it is not so easy as it first looks.  So I will need to consider what information goes where so we don't duplicate information areas (WET) and so we have areas that make sense to the users.

I still have a few things to iron out with the templates and I am playing around with the backdrop feature. Overall, though, I am happy with what I have so far. The next big challenge will be to design the People database templates since that will be an important part of the site.

I will probably work on this next week, as this weekend is kind of fully booked already.



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