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  • ISBN 1786466864

    Mastering Jira 7 - Second Edition

    By Ravi Sagar
    Become an expert at using JIRA 7 through this one-stop guide!   Key Features: This comprehensive guide will help you implement, customize and administer JIRA 7 application to meet the needs of your organization You will get to know the strategies needed to develop and deploy JIRA 7, along with best practices when working with Jira It covers the latest integrations of JIRA 7 with third-party platforms to help you professionally manage your software
    • Published on 2016
    • 515 pages


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    • By Jimi Wikman · Posted
      One of the best books I have ever read! Susan Weinschenk not only manages to deliver well-founded psychological findings that directly connect to web design, she also present it in a way that makes it easy to understand and inspiring. This is a must-have for anyone working with design in general and web design in particular.
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