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5 Agile Maturity Levels: Accelerate Maturity with Jira Align

Jimi Wikman
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Join this webinar with Cprime to learn the five Agile maturity levels every enterprise must navigate and how Jira Align can help accelerate maturity.

Businesses worldwide, across various industries, are pursuing enterprise agility due to its proven value in delivering higher efficiencies and streamlined performance. The journey to enterprise agility, however,  is not straightforward nor simple. 

A successful Agile journey requires the best tools that help match your agile maturity level every step of the way. Any misalignment can lead to misleading or inaccurate data upon which critical decisions are made.

Atlassian Jira Align can meet you at your existing Agile maturity, providing your organization with the data and transparency it needs to pivot in a changing world.

Join Cprime’s Ali Huda, Enterprise Agility Consultant and Aaron Doperalski, Managing Director; as well as Atlassian’s Jeff Skelly, Senior Enterprise Advocate, to learn:

  • The five maturity levels every enterprise must navigate
  • What you should expect to see across the different phases of enterprise agility
  • How Jira Align can support and accelerate your efforts
  • What maturity level is best suited to successfully implementing Jira Align 
  • Jira Align customer success story



Aaron Doperalski

Managing Director and Enterprise Coach, Cprime

Aaron Doperalski is an Enterprise Agile Coach with 5+ years of experience in Agile delivery, mentoring, and coaching. Aaron has proven experience leading organizations in their Agile journey within lean startups, government, and commercial industries including healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing. With this experience, Aaron brings best practices and understandings of how SAFe and underlying practices such as Scrum, Kanban, and XP can be successfully implemented in any environment in order to best achieve the underlying core competencies.


Ali Huda

Enterprise Agility Consultant, Cprime

Ali Huda is an experienced Agile Coach with a demonstrated history in Healthcare and Fin-tech. Ali is highly skilled in Product Management and Agile methodologies with prior experience dealing with agile transformations as an Agile Program Manager and technical product management.


Jeff Skelly

Strategic Accounts Lead - West, Atlassian

Jeff has been a leader in the enterprise software marketplace for 20+ years.  Jeff joined Atlassian in 2019 via Atlassian's acquisition of AgileCraft where he was one of the original employees.  For the past 7 years, Jeff has collaborated closely with Cprime and other Atlassian partners in support of large-scale Agile/Digital Transformations for some of the Fortune 500's biggest enterprises.


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