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Interactive Workshop: Planning your Atlassian Cloud Migration

Jimi Wikman
Local Events

Lower infrastructure costs and innovative features are enticing elements of an Atlassian Cloud deployment for Enterprise customers, but switching to Cloud can be a challenge. We’ll investigate the difficulties a large-scale Cloud migration can face, and how you can overcome them. We recognize that no customer journey is the same, and there can be some uncertainty when it comes to choosing the best path forward for your organization to migrate to Atlassian cloud platform. And that’s what we’re all here to help to answer your questions related to challenges specific to your organization.

This no-cost event is designed for Jira Administrators and related leadership at organizations planning to migrate an existing Atlassian suite to the cloud platform. During this 4-hour workshop, Expium will teach you what you need to know in planning a successful migration on-time and within budget, provide a migration planning workbook, and guide attendees through the process of planning their own migration-including how to judge the scale and complexity of the effort as it relates to budget and timeline.

Agenda: Is Cloud right for us?
• Budgeting for moving to Cloud
• Current environment
• Jira app assessments
• Migration strategies and methods
• Obtaining leadership support
• End-user communications and training

Featured Speakers:
Bryan Darr | Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Expert
Bryan has a passion for helping companies analyze problems, optimize systems and workflows, and implement best practices.

Scott Price | Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Expert
Scott has over 16 years as an IT leader with hands-on experience with the Atlassian tool suite.

David Mitchell | Systems Engineer and Atlassian Certified Professional
David has provided over 30 years of IT consulting and support to all levels of the enterprise.


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