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Trello for retail: how to keep your store in style

Jimi Wikman
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Join this webinar to learn how Trello can make it easy – and even fun – for your team to roll out changes together across locations. You’ll get a hands-on demo with best practices from Atlassian Customer Success.

Change is a constant in the retail world. Whether you’re launching a new product, featuring a new brand, or prepping for a busy season – working as a team to make those changes happen is crucial.

In this webinar, join Tim Moyer and Chance Webb from Atlassian Customer Success to learn how Trello Enterprise can:

  • Enable team members across a variety of locations and devices
  • Keep your large scale team members engaged
  • Help your team communicate across locations with automation features

Can’t make it? Feel free to register and we’ll send you a recording right after the session.



Tim Moyer

Customer Success Manager, Atlassian

As a Customer Success Manager, Tim helps customers with onboarding, product adoption, and finding solutions to achieve company goals. When Tim’s not at work, you can find him playing pickleball and biking the trails of Austin, TX.


Chance Webb

Digital Customer Success Manager, Atlassian

As a Digital Customer Success Manager, Chance helps customers get value from their Atlassian products. Outside of work, she enjoys backyard BBQs and concerts in and around Round Rock, TX.


Julie Pinto

Trello Campaign Manager, Customer Success, Atlassian

A long-time Trello fan, Julie creates automated, programmed outreach to help customers unlock more value from Trello. After work hours, she enjoys the Colorado sun as much as possible with her husband and Australian shepherd Leila.


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