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Introduction to Jira Product Discovery

Jimi Wikman
ACE Events

As a product manager, it is common to face challenges when prioritizing your team's backlog to ensure that your decision can give a positive impact to the team. In this event, we will introduce Jira Product Discovery and how Jira Product Discovery can help your development plan move efficiently.

Jira Product Discovery was released by Atlassian in 2022 and it is still in beta version, but slowly gaining more popularity amongst product managers. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about Atlassian's latest product and our team's (Ricksoft) feedback after a few months of using it.

Get it free at: https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/product-discovery


Raziman Dom

Product Manager

Raziman has been working in diverse industries as a Backend developer; from a big enterprise in the IT and banking industry to a small start-up company focusing on Java, APIs, NoSQL, and microservices. In 2020, he started exploring Atlassian and found a new passion in Atlassian ecosystem. After achieving the Atlassian Certified Master certification, Raziman is now slowly engaging the Atlassian community, contributing ideas in solving today's challenges.



10:30 AM
Welcome & Introduction
Presented by: Eric Huang, Ricksoft Marketing Specialist
10:35 AM
What is Jira Product Discovery
Presented by: Raziman Dom, ACE Leader and Atlassian Certified Expert
10:45 AM
How Jira Product Discovery can help your development plan
11:00 AM
Our team's feedback after a few months of using Jira Product Discovery
11:25 AM
Q&A and Closing
We have prizes to share with 5 random participants!

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