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7 things you need to do now to prepare for Atlassian Cloud

Jimi Wikman
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Enterprises are ready to take advantage of lower infrastructure costs, exclusive features, and many more benefits that come with Atlassian Cloud. But complex migrations brings its own set of challenges - even for the most experienced Jira and Confluence administrators.

Large user bases, years of issue data, multiple Atlassian products, plenty of apps… moving to Atlassian Cloud may feel like a steep mountain to climb. But being prepared can turn a hike into a walk in the park.

We've helped many customers make the move, and have lots of learnings to share. Join us for this webinar and hear what our Atlassian migration experts have to say.


Krista Stellar
Senior Atlassian Consultant @Highway Three Solutions
As a Senior Atlassian Consultant Krista leads the Atlassian migration and implementation projects and also facilitate client requirements gathering workshops and design solutions that ensure our clients frictionlessly transition and adopt Atlassian products.
Anjalika Kukretti
Account Manager @Highway Three Solutions
Anjalika is an Account Manager responsible for supporting and engaging with our clients by gathering requirements to ensure Customer satisfaction and recommending licenses and services as per their business needs.

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