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Next Level Customer Service Management – Streamline Incident Resolution & Improve Customer Satisfaction in Jira

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We all know the saying: the customer is king. You might have heard it for the thousandth time, and still you’ll find some truth in it.

That's why good Customer Service Management is crucial. It enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. By providing timely and effective support, companies can build strong relationships with their customers, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

To handle incidents, many companies use Atlassian Jira. It enables efficient processes and workflows as well as consistency and quality across different channels.

In our free live webinar, Jan Szczepanski (CMO and Co-Founder of Jodocus) and Charlotte Aleksandrowicz (Outreach and Partnership Manager at Elements) explain how to use Jira Cloud for this purpose and go into the benefits and features. They will also present three Marketplace apps developed by Elements that get the most out of Jira’s Customer Service Management functions:

  •  Elements Overview: empower Jira users and customers by giving an overview and displaying related issues in issue views or request portal
  •  Elements Copy & Sync: clone comments, attachments and fields between issues and synchronize changes
  •  Elements Publish: create Confluence Pages within seconds for Postmortems or new Knowledge Base articles

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