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How Atlassian engineers use Bitbucket Cloud

Jimi Wikman
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At Atlassian, 6000+ developers use Bitbucket Cloud. Join us on this webinar to get an inside look at how Atlassian dev teams work and use Bitbucket Cloud in an enterprise environment.

Are you a developer looking for tips on how to improve code quality and build automated CI/CD pipelines in Bitbucket Cloud? Are you a Bitbucket Server or Data Center customer considering if Bitbucket Cloud is right for your team?

Join us on this webinar to learn how our senior developers use Bitbucket Cloud to ensure code quality and compliance, automate testing & deployment processes, and collaborate across product teams in an enterprise environment.

Here are some highlights of what we’ll cover:

  • How we use merge checks to improve code quality on highly active repos
  • Automate deployment processes in Bitbucket Pipelines and tie it back to Jira issues.
  • Building hybrid workflows with self-hosted runners
  • Extending Bitbucket Cloud with apps: our vulnerability funnel with Snyk, and real-time monitoring with Splunk/Signalfx.

We’ll wrap up with a Q&A with the speakers and Bitbucket’s product team.



Nathan Burrell

Principal Developer, Bitbucket Cloud

Nathan is a founding member of the Bitbucket Pipelines team. Over the last 8 years he has overseen most of Pipelines development and lead major initiatives such as migrating pipelines from ECS to Kubernetes and redesigning our runner to be able to execute on self-hosted hardware. Currently he’s focusing on developing features that Pipelines needs to support larger enterprise customers and a new integration framework for Bitbucket Cloud. In his spare time you can find him learning how to play guitar or taking his chihuahuas for walks on the beach.


Graham Gatus

Senior Engineer, Bitbucket Cloud

Graham is a Senior Engineer team on the Bitbucket Pipelines team with a background in Java development. He has had experience acting as a release manager, working in DevOps teams focused on maintaining complex release pipelines. He has worked on several projects involving orchestration of complex deployment CI/CD workflows across both Bamboo and Bitbucket Pipelines. When not tinkering with pipelines, he is hunting down the latest (digital) records on Beatport.


Ash Moosa

Product Marketer, Bitbucket Cloud

Ash runs Product Marketing for Bitbucket Cloud. He oversees all Bitbucket’s marketing channels and focuses on communicating the benefits of our latest features. Before joining Atlassian, Ash was at Gap, Schwab and several startups helping them test and optimize their marketing campaigns. When he’s not talking code, you’ll find him tinkering with his camera and improving his photography skills.


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