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Icons for Atlassian base products and add-ons for you to download.

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  1. Jira Icons (FontAwesome version)

    A set of icons based on Fontawesome's fonts and colored based on the area of responsibility as defined here on my website.
    You are free to use these icons as you see fit, as long as you follow their License: https://fontawesome.com/license/free
    I hope you will find them useful.


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  2. Priorities

    A simple icon set for Priorities I use in my own Jira instance.
    It uses colors to indicate priority / Severity ranging from full red in the blocker and then scale down in the color range down to purple for the lowest.
    The symbols are simplified as well to make them as visible as possible.
    Blocker - Full red with a blocked icon as the indicator. Highest - 7 sided background in deep red with a white exclamation mark. High - Orange triangle pointing upwards. Medium - Green circle Low - Blue triangle pointing downwards. Lowest - Three purple dashes.


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  3. JWSE Jira Icons

    This is the set of icons used for JWSE for Jira Software and Jira Service Desk. It is a simple set created in Sketch using Font Awesome and some manual touches. These icons follow the same color scheme as the JWSE website.
    The Icons include:
    Epic Idea Business Need Change Request Story Requirement Non-functional Requirement Design Defect Incident Code Build & Configure Technical Debt Task Support Open Question JWSE Specific Icons
    Article Jobs People You are free to download and use these icons as long as you abide to the Font Awesome Free License: https://fontawesome.com/license/free
    Feel free to suggest new icons and I will consider adding them to this package.


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