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The Future of Atlassian Data Center

Jimi Wikman

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Hello Data Center community,

My name is Gosia Kowalska, and I am Head of Product for Data Center. I am posting here to discuss the future of Data Center and what its future looks like within Atlassian’s cloud-first strategy.

We know that we have not been shy about sharing our cloud-focused investment, and following TEAM 22 some of you have shared concerns about what that means for the future of Data Center products. We are keenly aware that Data Center is still mission-critical for many of you. As such, we want you to know that we’re committed to continuing to support you on your journey with Atlassian whether you are currently in the process of a cloud migration or choose to remain self-managed for the foreseeable future.

To be clear, we have no plans to end of life or end of support for our Data Center offering.

What is the future of Data Center?

Data Center remains an integral component of Atlassian’s offerings to ensure our software continues to meet the unique needs and requirements of all of your organizations. We are shaping Data Center’s future investment strategy to meet what you have told us are your most critical needs:

  • Performance and scale

  • Security and compliance

  • Infrastructure and operation

In sharpening our focus we believe that we can best meet your business and mission-critical needs today while being able to evolve and change with you as your needs possibly shift in the future. Data Center will continue delivering a full enterprise-grade platform with all the features and capabilities you have come to rely on and love.


Any feature or capability that is currently on our public roadmap will be delivered and supported even if it is outside the bounds of our aforementioned future investment.

Focusing on your most critical needs

We will stay committed to delivering platform and product-level improvements to help your administrative teams meet their most critical needs, while some of these features and capabilities will drive additional and improved end-user value. Read on to learn more about how we will increase our focus and investment in the three aforementioned areas.


Due to Data Center’s focused initiative to support on-prem and self-managed customers' most critical needs, there will not be feature parity with our cloud offering.


Performance and scale

To continually enable you to meet your long-term growth goals and maintain the confidence that Data Center can support your user growth, increased loads, and more complex data models, we are doubling down on performance and scale. We will be proactively addressing performance and scale limitations in our Data Center products as they are identified, either by removing the bottleneck or by providing strategic guidance, documentation, and tools to admins to remove the limitations.

Future investments will focus on core platform features, customizable controls, and improved strategic guidance across capabilities such as:

  • Cleanup and archiving

  • Monitoring and insights

  • Apps and integrations


Security and compliance

There’s no denying security demands and compliance regulations are continually evolving, and it is because of this that many of you are currently unable to migrate to our cloud offering. We understand a critical part of managing a behind the firewall instance is meeting and mitigating these risks and requirements. We will both continue, and evolve, our security uplift program to optimize our development and security practices and take a stronger and more proactive approach to all things security and compliance. This will enable us to not only respond quickly to the changing landscape but also alleviate as many complexities and obstacles as possible. Thanks to our security program we have delivered over 2.5 thousand security fixes since last July.

You can expect future work in areas such as:

  • Building towards evolving compliance demands i.e. accessibility

  • Continuing proactive security programs and practices


To learn more about Atlassian’s commitment and position on security and compliance as an organization head over to our Trust Center.

Infrastructure and operations

We recognize that just because you must remain self-managed does not mean you don’t desire common benefits provided by the cloud, such as reduced organizational costs and maintenance burdens. To help address this, we are focusing Data Center’s future development around containerization, both simplifying the journey to containers and Kubernetes, and optimizing it. We will be positioning Kubernetes as our recommended deployment option to increase flexibility while opening up multiple avenues to help address and solve future demands.

Expected opportunity areas include:

  • Increased automation

  • Easier administration

  • Improved scalability and resilience


To discover more detail about specific features that we have shipped and are planning to ship surrounding these areas go check out our Data Center Roadmap

Maintaining best practices and navigating changes

Data Center customers can expect to continue receiving standard software best practices including consistent and secure releases, Long Term Support releases, platform releases, documentation, support (both paid and unpaid), CVE notifications, bug bounty programs, and the availability of all current feature functionality.

Sharpening our focus in the aforementioned areas ensures that Data Center will consistently meet your most critical enterprise needs and demands. Additionally, we will continue to work to create a viable path to the cloud when you decide to explore this path.

On Wednesday, May 25th (PST) we will be hosting an all-day AMA to answer your questions about the future of Atlassian Data Center. Join the AMA here to ask your questions in advance and remember to join the new Data Center community group to stay up to date on all things DC


Gosia Kowalska and the Data Center Team



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