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Announcing the Atlas for Jira Cloud integration

Jimi Wikman

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Huge news: we just released an Atlas for Jira Cloud integration, available for admins to install on their Jira Cloud instance from the Atlassian Marketplace by a site admin

Following the introduction of the Work Tracking field in Atlas projects, with the Atlas for Jira Cloud integration, you can now connect an Atlas project to a Jira Cloud Software epic for a richer integration.

Link and sync epics and projects.


Last year, we shared our perspective on the relationship between Atlas and Jira, which still holds true. Whilst Jira is great for planning and communicating within a team, Atlas was created for higher-level communication between teams.

We built this integration to help teams use status updates as an input into planning, so manual duplication to keeping the title, dates and tags aligned or consuming a project’s latest update from Jira could be avoided.

Read more about the details of how to install the Atlas for Jira Cloud integration and what it can do here.

The Atlas for Jira Cloud integration has been a long-awaited feature from customers so we hope it lives up to the hype. We’re always listening to our users and find your feedback extremely valuable.

We look forward to seeing you give the Atlas for Jira Cloud integration a go and let us know what you think.


What versions of Jira does the Atlas for Jira Cloud integration support?

The Atlas for Jira Cloud integration is supported on Jira Software Cloud. Based on customer feedback, we will look to support products like Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management and Jira Product Discovery.

Can I link my Atlas project to an issue type other than epic?

Not yet. We recognise customers have different hierarchy models in their organisations and may want to map an Atlas project to a different issue type - we are currently exploring the ability to configure the integration to support more flexibility.

Can I link multiple Jira issues to my Atlas project?

The integration supports a 1:1 mapping between an Atlas project and a Jira Software epic for syncing. If you’d like to add more links to your Atlas project without syncing them, we recommend using the Related Links field.

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Maybe it is just me, but to build an app for the integration seems wrong somehow.

This should be built in, but it seems that Atlassian want to keep this as a separate tool for whatever reason.

I am not a big fan of building silos or having separate ecosystems, but perhaps this makes sense, just as it does for Statuspage?

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