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Run multiple sprints to divide and conquer in team-managed projects

Jimi Wikman

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Hi Jira Community! I'm Mark, a product manager working on Jira Software.

Today, I'm happy to announce that we're launching parallel sprints for team-managed projects. If you've used the parallel sprints feature in company-managed projects, you will be familiar with this feature.

This feature enables your scrum team to divide and conquer. Additional sprints can now be started and completed independently while working from the same backlog.

Doing so can be helpful when your team wants to split their work to focus on different goals while using the same backlog. For example, part of your team might run a sprint for development while other team members focus on a separate sprint for design. Both sprints would contain issues from the same backlog, but each sprint can be started and completed independently.

In team-managed projects, there is no need to enable parallel sprints via settings, you can just:

  1. Go to the backlog in your team-managed project.

  2. Select Start sprint while a sprint is already in progress.


Parallel Sprints - Start sprints (comp).gif

You can also filter your board by different sprints of your choice. If you wanted to view all issues for Sprints 1 and 3, but not 2, that’s now possible.

Parallel Sprints - board filtering.gif

To complete a parallel sprint:

  1. Go to your project’s board view or backlog.

  2. Select Complete sprint to open the modal.

  3. In the modal, select the relevant sprint, then select Complete.

Parallel Sprints - Complete Sprint via Backlog.gif
Parallel Sprints - Complete Sprint via Board.gif

When completing an active sprint with incomplete issues, you can't directly move these incomplete issues to another active sprint. You need to move these issues to the backlog first, and from there, add them to a sprint, then start the sprint.

Our team is keen to hear from yours, so please let us know if you find this new feature helpful. Leave a comment below or share your feedback with me directly by emailing: mzimmer@atlassian.com


Source: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Team-managed-projects-articles/Run-multiple-sprints-to-divide-and-conquer-in-team-managed/ba-p/2148550

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