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You’re invited to try our new security monitoring tool, Beacon (alpha)

Message added by Jimi Wikman,

This was originally posted here: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Feedback-Forum-articles/You-re-invited-to-try-our-new-security-monitoring-tool-Beacon/ba-p/2160587. We will add this to the forums of course as soon as possible and keep you updated on the progress with this new product.

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Hi Community Friends! 👋

Beacon (alpha) is a new Atlassian product focused on threat detection and alerting. Our goal is to give visibility into irregular and potentially risky behavior in your Atlassian Cloud instances, so that you have the insights needed and can resolve risks as quickly as possible.

Read on if you’re interested in joining us on the journey of building the future of security threat detection and alerting for Atlassian.

🤔What can I expect with Beacon (alpha)?

To start with, we are delivering a small handful of high value, low noise alerts. We are continuing to add functionality, detections and integrations over time. Our goal is to deliver alerts that are relevant to you with the needed context to make your investigations easier.

As you get set-up with Beacon and alerts go off, give us feedback and questions. Our product team is always just one message away. We want to learn things like, what did you think to do when you saw that alert? How did you want to investigate it? Did you think to remediate it?

🤚 How can I get access to Beacon (alpha) and give feedback?

If your interested we would love to have you join our waitlist and fast track your onboarding by setting up time with our team:

Step 1: 👩🏻‍💻 Join the Beacon waitlist

Step 2: 📅 Set-up time via Calendly to meet our team and get set-up with access to Beacon (alpha)

Questions? Drop us a comment! We can't wait to share Beacon with you!

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