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Updated GitHub environment mappings

Jimi Wikman

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Hey everyone, I wanted to share that the GitHub app for Compass now has expanded support for environment names that fall into the ”Production” category for deployment events. Previously, the GitHub app would only process deployment events from GitHub when the name of the environment being used in GitHub Actions was exactly “production”. In other words, “production-west” or “prod-east1” did not work. We expanded the mapping to support any GitHub environment name that includes the words “production”, “prod”, “prd”, or “live” (case is ignored). For example, all of the below environment names are now properly classified as ”Production” category deployments which will ensure they are shown on activity feed and counted for metrics:

  • prod-west

  • productionWest

  • prd-us-west-2

  • world-live

  • Production

And here is the full mapping which looks for the presence of any of the words below to determine the environment type:

  • production: "production", "prod", "prd", "live"
  • staging: "staging", "stage", "stg", "preprod", "model", "internal"
  • testing: "testing", "test", "tests", "tst", "integration", "integ", "intg", "int", "acceptance", "accept", "acpt", "qa", "qc", "control", "quality", "uat", "sit", "canary"
  • development: "development", "dev", "trunk"

In the case that an environment name matches more than one type, we use the order shown above to determine the mapping. For example, if your environment is named "dev-prod" (why would you do that?!) we would map it to Production.

Do note that we only surface Production-type events on the activity feed and only calculate metrics from Production-type events as well. Would you like to see event information from other environment types?

GitHub users let us know how you find this change and if the mappings are acceptable your organization!


Link to the article.

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