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We'd love your feedback on Atlassian Teams!

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This was my response:

"Hi April,
here are some quick thoughts from me regarding Teams 🙂

As of now I am advising my clients to ignore Teams and the reason for that is that Teams, as it exist today, have no value for work. What I mean by that is that I can not use Teams in any of the products, which makes it a separate tool, which kind of remind me of Yammer.

I like the idea of Teams, but for it to be really useful it must become a core functionality across all Atlassian products. It must be something you can use to assign with, search for and tie into functionalities like Advanced Roadmaps. It must also be something that app developers can tie into.

Right now we have many versions on "Teams" in multiple products and apps and it just makes things messy and confusing.

Once you have that, I would want to see features that are team related, like schedules for team meetings, availability for each team member with vacations and sick days (that also impact every planning tool) and the ability to connect a Confluence space for anything we need to document for the team.

Teams can be one of the best features Atlassian has implemented, but it needs to be front and center and not a feature on the side that no one uses.

I believe you have a raw diamond in Teams April and I look forward to seeing you shape it into the amazing gem I think we all know it can be!"


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