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Upcoming product improvements + Atlas integration ready for early testers

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Tanguy Crusson has posted another amazing article about the future of JPD. This one have a ton of information focusing on three areas:

  1. Reliability: making sure the backend scales with the number of users
  2. Product improvements: fixing bugs and improving the experience of existing features continuously
  3. Boulders: new bets and features

Things that a more robust way to ensure that changes are not made to the global configuration is most welcome, but it is the connectivity with Atlas that caught my attention most. The reason for that is that it seems that Atlas will act as master for start and end date for projects, which is a bit weird...

Read it for yourself and see what you make of it:

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This is my response to this article:

"I would like early access as well 🙂

Also, I am wondering what the long term architecture for master data looks like @Tanguy Crusson ? The way this is designed, we are setting Atlas as the master of project dates (if we use it) and I wonder how that will look large scale?

Will we see this happening in other products as well, or is this unique to Jira Product Discovery?

I am asking because from a flow perspective, JPD is in the discovery phase and we currently have a gap between discovery and Build (or Delivery in your model) since there is a financial "glue" needed for funding projects.

It seems a bit weird to use a broadcasting tool like Atlas to be added in between Discovery and Build, especially since Atlas have no connection to Build (at least not yet)?

This will also impact other products like Advanced Roadmaps where Projects often are defined Issue Types, or apps like BigPicture that also have start and end date that would then be in conflict with the Atlas connection?

From an architectural and data perspective, would it not make sense to define what the different types of financial constructs are and how data for them should be handled from a master data perspective? I don't see Atlas as the master for any project data, but perhaps that is a long term plan that we are not aware of yet?"

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