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    Premier Support Key Benefits & Details

    Jimi Wikman

    Premier Support Key Benefits & Details

    • Server/Data Center account-wide coverage: Premier support is an account wide service that covers all of your installed Server and Data Center Atlassian products and Atlassian Supported Apps.
    • Direct access and phone support from a dedicated senior support team  - All Premier Support tickets are handled and responded to by advanced senior support engineers with advanced technical and soft skills to better aid customers with complex environments and mission critical needs. Phone support and daily/weekly conference calls are highly leveraged during critical issue resolution.
    • Development team priority  - Higher priority queue placement is given to Premier Support customers when issues have to be escalated through to our development organization for assistance or fixes.
    • 24 x 7 phone support - Local regional phone numbers are given out to all Premier Support customers and phones are covered 24x7 to guarantee that you can connect with an engineer directly to assist you and to more quickly understand your issue without requiring you to wait for multiple ticket bounces.
    • Screen-sharing, collaboration phone calls, and health checks  - Our team is highly accustomed to screen-sharing sessions with customers to reduce miscommunications and delays, which lowers resolution times.
    • Weekend coverage  - Premier Support customers receive weekend support for their products, select server and data center support customers do not receive weekend coverage. Please click the link below for additional details as some products are excluded from coverage and/or restricted by severity.
    • Account on-boarding - Our team records your hardware, software, network, and configuration details during a series of on-boarding calls and discussions to ensure we have your detailed environment information available before your first ticket is filed, further reducing overall resolution times, questions, and delays for each follow-on issue.
    • Health Checks - During on-boarding our team performs health checks and performs best practice analysis across each of the Atlassian systems. Customers can also request that additional health checks be performed during upgrades on both staging and production environments, which assists with more trouble free upgrade experiences.
    • Other additional Premier Support offerings  - Find out what other offering and benefits come from Premier Support by clicking on the following link: Premier Support Offering Details.



    Premier Support Offering Details

    Premier Support Overview

    Atlassian's Premier Support is a dedicated global team of Senior Support Engineers and Enterprise Managers committed to delivering higher SLAs, faster triage, faster resolutions, as well as engaging customers with new service touch points to improve customer experience, system availability, and system performance for our business-critical Enterprise customers.

    • Atlassian Premier Support does not cover Opsgenie, Statuspage, or Trello.
    • Jira Align Premier Support must be contracted separately. Click here to learn more about Jira Align Premier Support. Click here to learn more about the Jira Align Enterprise Success Package.

    If you have additional questions please contact us at sales@atlassian.com

    Premier Support Detailed Features

    Dedicated Senior Support Engineers

    All Premier Support customer requests are routed directly to experienced Premier Support engineers from the minute the ticket is created during the business week (24x5).  This eliminates time normally required in Select Support for the initial bounce, basic triage steps, environment questions, and internal escalation processes to get up to a more senior individual.  The Premier Support team is dedicated to only service Premier Support customers.  In addition, the Premier Support engineers have large-scale experience and advanced training beyond the Select Support teams to better and more quickly service your more complex and critical needs.  During local holidays and weekends when the Premier Support team is not available, Premier Support customer requests are handled by the Select Support team providing for weekend and holiday coverage that is not available to standard customers.  Note: If specific coverage is required outside of the regular hours of availability (24 x 5), time can be scheduled in advance with Premier Support engineers for planned upgrades, maintenance, and other weekend tasks based on availability.

    Development Escalation Priority & Coordination

    Priority placement in the development escalation queue ensures your issues are triaged more quickly by our developers and product teams when escalated.  This is important when issues require product team engagement and gives Premier Support customers higher priority and service levels to ensure more timely root-cause analysis and next steps.  In addition, Premier Support has dedicated resources that help manage and coordinate escalations through the various product teams within Atlassian. 

    Screen Shares & Conference Calls

    Our team utilizes phone calls, screen shares, and team sync meetings to solve issues faster by ensuring precious time and context is not lost when critical issues arise.

    Health Checks

    Health Checks can be requested up to quarterly on installed products in production, QA, and staging environments to help prevent outages and ensure best practices are followed.  During a health check our team will look for known issues with configurations, compatibility, driver versions, performance conditions, memory settings, and other improvements. Health Checks can be very helpful as a preventive tool for production outages and slowdowns as well as during system upgrades to ensure success.

    Account On-boarding & Familiarity

    Premier Support customers will be walked through a knowledge capture and onboarding process that documents environments (VM, OS, DB, drivers, network, etc.), installed apps, versions, covered instances, and past issues in our online systems. Premier Support maintains centralized customer environment information to build account knowledge and save time during follow-on support requests.

    Upon purchasing Premier Support, the Premier Support team will conduct an onboarding process whereby we:

    • Identify Named Contacts - Identify your three named Premier Support contacts, who should be experts in administering the Atlassian products.
    • Gather Environment Information - An important part of our Premier Support service is to gather the basic product, version, apps, VM, OS, DB, network, and usage information to save time in the future.  This knowledge capture also helps our team become more knowledgeable about your account, usage pattern, and specifics that will help us provide higher-quality support moving forward.   
    • Review Existing Issues - Understand existing challenges, prioritize current support cases, and begin to craft an account strategy to improve stability, performance, and support interactions between teams.  During this time our team will also transfer existing support cases over to Premier Support that were filed by any one of the three named contacts in the past. 
    • Review Phone Procedures - Publish regional phone numbers that can be used to contact the Premier Support teams directly.  The call will automatically route to the Premier Support team in the online office in one of the other worldwide regions if the call is made after business hours in your local region.
    • Perform Initial Health Check - Part of onboarding includes an initial system Health Check for instances supported by any of the named contacts.

    Global Warm Handoffs for Critical Issues

    To maintain urgency and efficiency when critical issues are transitioned between global offices the Premier Support team performs warm handoffs during the business week between our offices.  The warm handoff process creates overlap between regional teams handling a customer's issues. The process and workflows ensure that the new team taking over the issue has time to review past findings and next actions before the initial team goes offline. This same warm handoff process is followed when transitioning critical issues to the team that covers weekends.


    Learn About Our Technical Account Manager Related Services (TAMS)

    Premier Support can work hand-in-hand with Technical Account Managers and Enterprise Partners to save your teams valuable time and meet your enterprise needs.

    TAMs are cross-functional technical advisors providing proactive planning and strategic guidance for your organization. Backed by the resources of the entire Atlassian organization and armed with best practices, TAMs help you get the most out of your teams using Atlassian tools.

    Our TAM Program Offering Includes

    • A dedicated customer advocate for product escalations and feature requests.
    • Operational insights and proactive planning for scale and availability.
    • Proactive risk mitigation for business critical environments.
    • Integration guidance between 3rd parties and Atlassian
    • Best practice guidance on deployment and usage of Atlassian solutions.
    • Quarterly onsite reviews for ongoing strategic planning.
    • Help customers establish a tools governance framework. 

    In addition to our TAM program, Atlassian has 30+ authorized Enterprise Partners around the globe dedicated to providing custom onsite solutions and services, such as deployments, customizations and integrations specific to your needs. 

    Visit atlassian.com/enterprise/services for more information about our TAM offering and other Enterprise services and products.


    Coverage and Service Level

    Account-wide Coverage

    One fixed price will cover all of your Atlassian product and Atlassian supported apps (except for Opsgenie, Statuspage, Trello, and Jira Align). You can have multiple production, staging, and test instances of each of our products all covered by a single $39,500/year Premier Support license. Three named contacts must be identified to open tickets that automatically route to the Premier Support team. There are no other restrictions as to how many other users can be copied and participate on tickets, the only condition that the creation be by one of the named contacts. If you use a solution partner you can expand the three named contacts to five, where three of the named contacts are actually solution partner technical resources that assist you with support and two contacts remain your direct contacts. Please see the Eligibility section below on this page for additional details.

    Weekend Coverage

    Select Support engineers are online over the weekend to ensure coverage whenever your business requires it. Weekend coverage includes assistance with scheduled outages, maintenance work, and upgrades to help your teams ensure system readiness. Weekend support does not cover free or open source products like SourceTree and Clover. Bitbucket Server, Bamboo, Crucible, and Fisheye are limited to only L1 issues across weekends. Weekends start from 5pm US Pacific timezone (UTC-8 & UTC-7 DST) until Monday 10am Australian Eastern timezone (UTC+10 & UTC+11 DST). Our ability to leverage worldwide offices allows us to shorten weekend hours from 64 hours down to 48 hours, at which time Premier Support resources are back online and ready to serve. Note: If Premier Support Senior engineers specifically are required for weekend coverage outside of the regular hours (24 x 5) of availability, time can be scheduled with the Premier Support engineers in advance for planned upgrades, maintenance and other weekend tasks based on schedule and availability. Premier Support engineers must be requested at least 3 weeks in advance and must be confirmed by Atlassian as available per request.

    24 x 7 Phone Support

    As part of our onboarding processes Premier Support customers will receive local regional phone numbers that will connect them directly to an engineer. Phone support is available 24 x 7, however, for issue response and resolution Weekend Coverage conditions still apply.

    Severity Response Times

      Premier Support
    Deployment Options Server and Data Center products
    Self-help Resources (tick)
    Community Support (tick)
    Support Portal (tick)
    Hours of Availability1,10 24/79
    Initial Response Times3

    Production Application Down


    30 min

    Serious Degradation


    2 Hr

    Moderate Impact


    8 Hr

    Limited Impact


    24 Hr

    Support Team4 Dedicated Senior Support Team
    Phone Support All tickets
    Matching response times for Staging & QA Systems (tick)
    Development Escalation Priority (tick)
    On-Call Upgrade Coverage (tick)
    Proactive Health Checks (includes QA and Staging) (tick)
    On-boarding & Environment Familiarity (tick)
    Escalation Management (tick)
    Post Incident Reports (tick)
    Support Entitlement

    Premier named contacts8,9

    Products Covered All products except Opsgenie, Statuspage and Trello.
    Jira Align Premier Support must be contracted separately.6,9

    $39,500 per 3 named contacts8,9

    Buy Now

    1 Hours of Availability - Weekend coverage applies only to Priority and Premier Support programs. Weekend coverage for Bitbucket, Bamboo, Crucible and FishEye is limited to L1 issues only for eligible support offerings. Weekend support does not cover free or open source products like SourceTree and Clover. Weekends start from 5PM US Pacific timezone (UTC-8 & UTC-7 DST) until Monday 10AM Australian Eastern timezone (UTC+10 & UTC+11 DST), spanning a total of 48 hours. During weekends when a Premier Support team member is not scheduled in advance, Premier Support requests are handled by the Select Support team.

    3 Initial Response Times – Full descriptions of severity levels are as follows:

    • Level 1: Production application down or major malfunction affecting business and high number of staff
    • Level 2: Serious degradation of application performance or functionality
    • Level 3: Application issue that has a moderate impact to the business
    • Level 4: Issue or question with limited business impact

    4 Support Team – Our Advanced and Dedicated Senior Teams are both highly trained engineers who are ready to diagnose issues in your environment. Our dedicated senior support team familiarize themselves with three primary contacts from your company to learn your network and environment.

    Select and Premier Support - Includes all Atlassian products other than StatusPage (StatusPage Support Hours) and Trello (Trello Support Hours).

    Premier Support Named Contacts - Premier connects our top tier engineers with the customer and in order to ensure the best outcomes we limited the number of individuals within an account per $39,500 to three named contacts.  This helps ensure the most knowledgeable individuals within our customers are connected with our most senior engineers to drive issues to conclusion faster.  If additional named contacts are needed they can be purchased three at a time by purchasing additional Premier licenses. Account coverage pertains to all active Atlassian Server and Data Center product licenses and does not include Open Source products or 3rd party apps.

    9 Premier Support for Jira Align - Existing Premier Support licenses will not cover Jira Align. Premier Support for Jira Align must be contracted separately. Jira Align Premier Support is available 24 x 5. If and when 24 x 7 coverage becomes available, the additional detail within Hours of Availability1 will apply.

    10 Select Support for Jira Align - Select Support for Jira Align will be available from 9:00-7:00 ET, Monday through Friday. If and when timezone-based global coverage becomes available, the hours listed within 9/5 Support2 will apply. Learn more about Select Support.

    Terms & Conditions


    There are three requirements for Premier Support eligibility:

    1. Named Contacts - Premier Support requests must be filed by one of three specified named contacts. The specified contact can be a contractor or consultant, but must have an email address with the company domain name.  Named contacts must be individuals and can not be group or shared email addresses that are sent or received by more than one physical person. Named contacts must require that they keep their user IDs and passwords for Premier Support strictly confidential and do not share such information with anyone. User IDs are granted to individual, named persons and may not be shared. You are responsible for any and all actions taken using Premier Support named contact accounts and passwords, and you agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of which you become aware. Please also see "Limitations for Support" section below for additional details regarding Atlassian Partner participation in the Premier Support service.
    2. Current on Maintenance and License - Instances identified for Premier Support must also have up-to-date basic support maintenance. To co-term all your licenses to synchronize their dates, please contact us
    3. Provide Timely Requested Information and Logs - In order for Premier Support to truly be successful it is important that we receive the right information quickly to drive root cause analysis and overall resolution.  When an account signs-up for Premier Support it is important that the proper expectations get set internally regarding information sharing requirements for this service.  The Premier Support service model assumes customers will provide our team with information requested in a timely, consistent, and well structured manner (Requested information includes but is not limited to configuration files, access log files, heap dumps, thread dumps, GC logs, anonymized DB backups, etc.) . Our goal is to create a better working partnership between Atlassian and Premier Support accounts, which requires the right information be provided, so we can more quickly target our team's efforts in solving the problems our customers are experiencing. 

    Limitations for Premier Support

    Premier Support does not include:

    • Support for users other than the three designated contacts. If you work with a specific Atlassian Partner and would like to included them as named contacts you have an option to transfer one customer named contact and create three Atlassian Partner named contacts under the same premier support license.  This is only permitted if the Atlassian Partner contacts share your domain and adhere to the following naming convention (PartnerEmployee)_(PartnerCompany)@(CustomerDomain) so that we can clearly identify the partner via the contact email address.  Examples: JohnSmith_PartnerCompanyA@xyz.com, JudyFinch_PartnerCompanyB@abc.org. 
    • Support for instances of Atlassian products without a valid maintenance agreement
    • Customized versions of Atlassian products (customized = original product code has been modified)
    • Support for 3rd party vendor apps
    • End of Life, Beta, Release Candidate or Development releases
    • Development only questions or requests. For community-based development support, please post these questions on Atlassian Answers or seek out our professional services through the Atlassian Partners.
    • Feature requests, bug requests, or additional commitments from the product or development teams.
    • Questions about third-party application integrations or third-party apps
    • Product training
    • Non-English language support
    • Remote Administration
    • Technical Account Management 
    • Professional Services (available from Atlassian Partners

    Additional Policies and Agreements

    If you have any questions

    If you have any questions regarding this article, or if you see something that is wrong, then please don't hesitate to use the comments below, drop by the forum or contact the staff. There are no stupid questions on Atlasstic and we appreciate feedback to make things better for everyone.

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