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    What is a project in Jira Software Cloud?

    Jimi Wikman

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    A project in Jira has nothing to do with the financial form of a project. It is simply a categorization used to group data that we use to configure how we will work and what information we will connect to the Jira project group. In short, you can see this as a container that you can define certain aspects of.

    Two types of projects

    In Jira Software Cloud, you have two types of Jira Projects: Company Managed Projects and Team Managed Projects. Company Managed Projects are controlled by the Jira System Administrators, as they are intended to work the same across all teams. Team Managed projects are controlled by the Teams, as they are intended to work as independent ways of working for each team.

    Templates when creating Jira projects

    When you create a new project in Jira Software Cloud, then you will be asked to choose one of the templates. The templates you can choose from are Kanban, Scrum and Bug tracking. These templates will pre-configure your Jira project with certain features and configurations. In the last step of the project creation process, you can override this by selecting an existing Jira project and share the settings with that Jira project.

    Configuration of project features

    Each Jira Project comes with a set of features that can be configured by people that have the administration access to that project. These settings vary depending on what type of project you have. The configurations will activate or disable certain features and you can configure the behavior of the data in the Jira project. You can read more about the various features that each type of Jira Project has in the articles for Company Managed Projects and Team Managed Projects.

    Project ID for all issues in the Jira project

    One important aspect of Jira projects is that the identifier for all issues are connected to the project ID of the Jira project where the issue is created. This is the key that you see in the ID of all issues in Jira Software Cloud. Should you ever update the identifying key for the Jira project, then all issues connected to that Jira project will also have their ID changed to match.


    Boards are not a part of Jira projects

    A common misconception about boards is that they are a part of the Jira project. This is not true as boards is a separate group of data with the purpose of visualize a filter. This misconception comes from the fact that we often connect boards to Jira projects, which makes it look like it is a part of that particular Jira project.

    If you have any questions

    If you have any questions regarding this article, or if you see something that is wrong, then please don't hesitate to use the comments below, drop by the forum or contact the staff. There are no stupid questions on Atlasstic and we appreciate feedback to make things better for everyone.

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