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    General settings for Scrum board

    Jimi Wikman

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    The general settings for the Scrum Board in Jira Software Cloud have 8 settings that you can change.

    1. Board Name is just that, the name of the board. You can click the pen that appear when you hover over the board name and change it.
    2. Administrators allow you to add and remove the people that will be able to change the board settings. This is something that is very important if the original administrator leaves, as you would then be unable to change the settings of the board without the help from a Jira System Admin.
    3. Location is where your board is attached. This means what Jira project you will need to go to for you to see it. If you attach the board to your profile, then it will appear when you click on your profile picture in a new section on the droplist called "My Boards".
    4. Saved Filter tells you what filter is used by the board to show the issues. You can change the filter query by clicking the link, which will take you to the Filter page. You then change the filter as you normally would and save it to have it updated on the board. You can see what the current filter query is at #6 further down. If you add new data by changing the query, you might have issues with statuses in their workflow that is different from yours. If that happens, you will see a warning that looks like this: 2060232090_Screenshot2022-10-14at23_42_30.png.d1f5066e02d61c090c5fbd56933586bf.png
      If you click on the link at the end, it will take you to the Columns settings, where you can map the statuses to the columns. If you do not do this, you will have issues missing from your board anytime they are in a status that is not mapped in your columns.
    5. Shares is related to the Filter, and it tells you what permission you have set on the filter. Usually you will see Project as the default setting, but if you set up the board from en existing filter, then your settings may differ. Click on Edit Filter Shares to change the settings for the filter.
    6. Filter Query will show you what the current filter query is. in order to change this, you click on Edit Filter Query in the Saved Filter section (#4).
    7. Ranking tells if you have rankings added to your filter query or not. If it is not activated then you will not be able to drag rearrange issues in your Backlog as that is based on issue ranking. If ranking is not activated, then you will have the option to do that here. You can also do that by editing the filter query (#4) by adding this to your query: ORDER BY Rank ASC.
    8. Projects on board will tell you what projects you are fetching data from in your filter query. If you have more than one project listed here, then you can not activate Roadmap, as it only works with a single project board.

    If you have any questions

    If you have any questions regarding this article, or if you see something that is wrong, then please don't hesitate to use the comments below, drop by the forum or contact the staff. There are no stupid questions on Atlasstic and we appreciate feedback to make things better for everyone.

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