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    Scrum board overview

    Jimi Wikman

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    This is the view you will see when you click on the board settings in the top right corner when you are on the Backlog, or the Active Sprint. You will see 10 settings pages where you can configure the way your Scrum board works.

    1. The Board you are currently editing.
    2. General settings are where you configure the name, the filter used to show issues on the board and ownership of the board itself. (Read more about General Settings)
    3. Columns is where you configure the columns, and what is shown in them, in the Active Sprints view.
    4. Swimlanes is where you define how the Active Sprints view will be split vertically.
    5. Quick filters is where you can define filters that will be placed at the top of your board views to quickly filter the Backlog or the Active Sprints items.
    6. Card Colors is where you can define colors that are added to your cards in the Backlog and Active sprints.
    7. Card Layout is where you define what information will be shown on each issue in the Backlog and the Active sprints.
    8. Estimation is where you can define what value you will use for estimation, like story points or hours.
    9. Working days is where you can set the schedule that fit the team that is using the board.
    10. Issue Detail view is not used much anymore, but you can arrange fields for the issue detail view here.
    11. Roadmap is where you can turn the roadmap on or off

    If you have any questions

    If you have any questions regarding this article, or if you see something that is wrong, then please don't hesitate to use the comments below, drop by the forum or contact the staff. There are no stupid questions on Atlasstic and we appreciate feedback to make things better for everyone.

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