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    There is a 5000 issue limit in the Scrum Board for Jira Software Cloud

    Jimi Wikman

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    For some unknown reason, Atlassian have placed a 5000 issues limit on the Board Backlog. This limitation will count not just your stories, but also the subtasks in each story. If the total number of items is more than 5000 issues, then the backlog will stop working and a warning will be shown instead.

    In most cases this will not matter, because 5000 is still a lot of issues in one board, but if you try to setup collection projects that fetch data from multiple projects, this could cause problems.

    This is not a good technical solution as an enterprise solution should never cap data, but work with ways to ensure high quality performance using web technologies to cache and limit how much data is loaded on load and on user action. All data should always be available on demand.

    If you have any questions

    If you have any questions regarding this article, or if you see something that is wrong, then please don't hesitate to use the comments below, drop by the forum or contact the staff. There are no stupid questions on Atlasstic and we appreciate feedback to make things better for everyone.

    This change was announced in December 2017 in the Atlassian Cloud changes Dec 11 to Dec 18, 2017 blog post. It was never announced to the clients beyond this.



    Boards display a maximum of 5000 issues

    To reduce slow load times and accelerate your Jira experience, boards will now display a maximum of 5000 issues at a time. If your board tries to display more than 5000 issues, you'll be prompted to update your filters.



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