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    Clone Jira Epics Fast: A Game-Changer Plugin Revealed!



    Hey, it's Mike! I have something special in this video. I will show you how to clone Jira Epics effortlessly with a game-changing plugin sweeping the project management world called Template (Epic) Cloner. If you've ever found yourself bogged down by the tedious task of replicating epics in Jira, I have a ready-made solution for you to shorten this task from hours or days to minutes. So, in this walkthrough, I will cover everything from installation to placeholders (like a smart value) utilization, transforming a complex process into a few simple clicks. Whether managing sprints requiring frequent epic duplication or you want to streamline your project setup with epics, this video will help you do it from A to Z. 🔍 What you'll learn: - Quick and easy installation of the Epic Cloner plugin - Configuration tips to get you started in no time - How to leverage bright values (placeholders) for dynamic cloning - Real-life application in both Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center environments We encourage you to engage further by dropping a message or visiting our website for more insights on Jira and Confluence implementation and training. Your project management needs are our top priority, with solutions crafted for efficiency and ease of use. And if you like this video, please remember that your feedback fuels our content, so leave a comment! Let us know if you have questions or need a deeper dive into specific features. Subscribe for more cool videos on Jira and Confluence. Happy cloning! #Jira #agile #scrum CHAPTERS: 00:00 - Introduction to Jira Epic Cloner Plugin 1:59 - Installation Guide for Jira Epic Cloner 4:19 - Using Jira Epic Cloner Plugin Basics 7:14 – Cloning Strategy Selection 8:05 – Picking up child issues for cloning 8:15 – Set values in bulk 9:19 – Extending custom fields list for editing 10:43 - Understanding Placeholders and Smart Values 14:19 – Set value prefixes in bulk 12:21 - Advanced Tips for Smart Values in Jira 15:56 - Conclusion and Farewell Direct link to the plugin in the Atlassian Marketplace: https://vilisoft.page.link/epic-cloner Direct link to the Developer website: https://jira-apps.vilisoft.com/template-epic-cloner-for-jira/ Plugin Documentation page: https://jira-apps.vilisoft.com/getting-started/


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