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    How to Use the Team Field in Jira


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    The Team field is a special field available for teams that are using Jira Premium.

    This field uses values defined in the Shared Teams. Once a shared team is created, you can then leverage that value within the Team field. If the Team field is missing from your Jira, you simply need to add the field to your project via the project Screen.

    If the Team field is still not showing up, then you want to make sure you are actually on Jira Premium. This is easy to tell because in the navigation, you will see the word “Plan”. The Plan navigation option is critical as that is also where you go to create the Shared Team.

    Once you are using the Team field, you can use that field like any other Jira field. You can create board filters, regular filters, and within your Advanced Roadmap, you can group your issues by Team. If you don’t have Jira premium, worry not. You can simply create a custom Technical Team field in Jira like you would any other custom field. I caution you against reusing the word Team since that is a default/reserved field name in Jira.

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    The big problem with Teams in Atlassian product today is that there is no commonality. In this video you speak of Team from Advanced Roadmaps, but you also have Teams as a standalone object in the form of Atlassian Teams that you find in the People tab.

    In addition to this you have teams in multiple apps as well.

    There is also no advantage really in using teams, unless you have more than one team in a Jira project, which happens. Assigning something to a team is also only working for company managed teams in Jira Software, or rather this was the way it used to be. I am not sure if this has changed now that team based projects can also have global fields and what that means for other products like Jira Work Management and Jira Product Discovery.

    Without any real connection to team data, teams are today just indicators at best. There is no real use for them except as a very high level indicators because you can not manage the team members anymore after Atlassian removed that functionality last year.

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