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Jira backup best practices – Automation, recovery, business continuity, and compliance


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Do you know how to make working with Jira safe, your data protected, and teamwork uninterrupted even during major outages or human errors? The answer is simple: automated Jira backup and Disaster Recovery, recommended by Atlassian itself under the Cloud Shared Responsibility model. Learn from GitProtect expert, how to make your Jira data recoverable, eliminate data loss, and ensure security compliance.

About the webinar:

In our free live webinar, Jan Szczepanski (CMO and Co-Founder of Jodocus) and Bartosz Jurga (BDM at GitProtect by Xopero Software) explain how to protect data and limit the risk of data loss in Jira.

They will talk about:

  • security and compliance features integrated in Jira Cloud
  • importance to automate the backup of Jira Software, Jira Work Management, and Jira Service Management data
  • Jira backup best practices for automation, recovery, and security

They will also give a live demo of the Marketplace app GitProtect.io Backups for Jira Cloud. It streamlines and automates data protection and Disaster Recovery of Jira data to ensure uninterrupted project management and eliminate service outages, human errors, and attack effects. It helps companies stay on top of compliance, security, and the Shared Responsibility Model regulations.



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